Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hanging Basket Light Fixture

Here I am with Part Two of my challenge. I am really glad that I do some of the things I pin, but I do have some major fails too. Like the sunburst mirror out of turned all moldy outside and fell apart so I had to toss it. Oh well...

Now for the fun one that worked! Making a light fixture out of two hanging baskets from Walmart! Here is the inspiration

The first is from Addicted 2 decorating and the second is from My Covered Bridge

I had the perfect old light I wanted to replace and did this in my small foyer. Here is a super duper before photo of the foyer. This was with the light fixture and my orange paint and stenciled magnolias on the wall..yes circa 1998.

Here is the fixture all taken apart. The fixture wasn't as big as the pinned ones so I was worried it wouldn't look okay but it did. 

We ended up using black zip ties to hold the two baskets together, the gap was too big with just the hooks. One main thing: PUT YOUR LIGHTS IN BEFORE YOU ZIP TIE IT :)

Here is the beauty in the "new" foyer with new pant another pinterest board and batten project and a new tile floor! 

For more fun projects check out the link up party on the blogs below! Thanks gals for the fun!

Megan from The Remodeled Life; Katie from Bower Power;
Sherry from Young House Love; Michelle from Decor & the Dog.

contact paper frosted glass

Well where have I been for the entire year? Honestly I don't know...but probably on facebook and instragram and yeah Pinterest. A few wonderful blog gals do a challenge each season and I am so behind I figured why not share all of the ones I did the past few months for you to see.

The first was covering up the bathroom window with "clear" contact paper. You wouldn't think it would look frosted but it does and I love seeing it each day now. It came out so good.

Here are the links to my two inspirations: seventh house on the left  and making it feel like home

I traced and cut the stencils out while watching Nashville :) it was very easy to do. It was also so nice since the folks on Seven7h house on the left has a PDF to use of the design! Thank you so much!

Adding them to the window wasn't too hard once you got the hang of it. Then I found this great fabric at the store and HAD TO HAVE IT.  I made a little valence for the window and it turned out great!

 Now the window is complete! If you notice I also have my ikea things hung up from seeing this pin!

Shabby Creek Cottage

Thank you so much for having these challenges it makes me GET THINGS DONE!
To see more great pins and ideas go here! 

Megan from The Remodeled Life; Katie from Bower Power;
Sherry from Young House Love; Michelle from Decor & the Dog.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Living Room is getting there!

Well we took our time doing the living room and it is turning out so nice but I still need some help in the finishing touches and making it cozy and usable. I need to get some lighting in the room and some tables. I have seen a few that I LOVE at Kirklands, but they are all $80 or more and just really look like simple thrift store finds, so I need to start looking at the stores again.

Here is the before of the room:

And now here is the after: using my mood board that I talked about here. The bench I got from Kirklands clashed with all the patterns going on from the rug and the pillows so I returned it. I am going to keep looking for something to put there, not sure what to get. I also need help with that BIG wall on the side of the couch! It is HUGE and I want something dramatic there. I am thinking I will add a table to the corner of the room so I may not be needing to do the whole wall, not sure. The couch is from Ashley's Furniture and the rug is from and I love it!! The pillows are too die for and from an etsy store called Pillow Link , she was so sweet and gave me a discount and she is from Lithuania!!

This is the hallway and the awesome print from World Market

Here is the room before the furniture arrived. Joe did a great job! As you can tell by looking at the mood board, I did not stray too much from what I wanted originally. I am very stubborn like that, if I want something a certain way then I am gonna make darn sure I get it like that! Any suggestions for the wall shoot them my way!!!

I joined a link party from your talking too much blog...check it out here and see other fun sites!!

one table done!

I finished the end table that my Mom bought me for a Christmas gift. This table was awesome and my sister found it and texted me a photo and I loved it! So she mentioned it to my Mom and little did I know, the bad boy was all mine!

It was interesting to start this table, it really is a great solid piece of wood, but I found out the detail part that is white is plastic that is attached to the table and the scroll things were screwed on, so I took those off and filled the holes and got busy.

I follow Brooke's instructions from her site All Things Thrifty to a "t" heck even the paint color since I loved her yellow beauties! Needless to say this came out amazing! I also spray painted the handles with my favorite paint ever...rustoleum oil rubbed bronze spray paint.

2012 to do list: update

monthly items:
1. walk the dam once a month with the kids
2. go to a fun/new place to eat once a month

house projects:

1. Redo living room
  • paint the living room and hall way
  • new furniture for living room
  • new way to do the walls in living room
  • get rug for living room
2. touch up paint for bathroom
3. finish kitchen ...need to do tile backslash(did purchase it) and figure out the counter tops
4. finish all the door knobs in the house and either buy new ones or spray paint
5. fix our bedroom door.
6. fix hole in wall in kitchen
7. make some type of shelf thing for ashley
8. fix up ashley and joey's closets
9. redo the two end tables in the garage (one is done)
10. finish up the light for outside and put it up somewhere
11. fix the fence outside

Saturday, February 11, 2012

mood board for the living room

i love looking at mood boards, so i decided to make one of my own for the living room to keep me on track. so i found olioboard and i knew i found my site! it was so easy to create the mood board and upload photos that i found on the websites.

I really hope this room can come together when it is all said and done! i already got the rug and the smaller bench and the 3 pillows. we are going with a different shade of gray. i am so glad lowes has those little $3 cans of paint to try it out! makes it easy to try a few other colors and then use that paint for other things.

right now the carpet has been ripped up since Jan 1st, and we just bought the paint so we hope to get that done this week and start the flooring next weekend! we are going to tile the foyer instead of the wood and I am thinking of adding some board and batten. I think we can make it look just like this one, since it is sort of the same size? we will see!!!

Sunday, January 01, 2012

2011 Projects big and small

Pillows...used a sewing maching
Spray painted door knobs...need to finish rest
Tile framed the bathroom mirror
refinished an end table for ashley
painted the kitchen cabinets
made football treats

yarn wreath from pinterest
mirror from kirklands for $10 and new curtains
placemat pillow
magnetic frame my sister made me
more placemat pillows
omg...this was so good from pillsbury cookie pizza
glitter balls with pledge from pinterest

different project i did this year. mainly due to pinterest! need a few more photos for the ones listed below

  • valentines ipod gifts
  • flag cake
  • mom cave
  • window seat
  • no more porch railing in house
  • reindeer beer gift
  • frames with hooks on them

yikes it is 2012 and i never post anymore

well i get all caught up in facebook, so i never post on here anymore. we have done a lot in the year of 2011, so i plan on re-caping the year on here and i would like to post once a i am going to try to do that! i watched a lot of football, exercised and then stopped and gained my darn weight back. i broke my flip camera, my laptop, my desktop, and my digital rebel and joe broke two iphones this year. ps...i walked 241 miles in 2011..hoping to beat that this year! in 2010 i logged 324 from just august to wonder i lost weight in 2010 and gained it in 2011.

now for 2011

  1. January: joey turned 10 this year, we are learning about our new dog and we got snow again! 5 inches on Jan 1oth and did tons of sled ridding at the middle school. we walked all the way over to it!
  2. February: :Steelers made it to the superbowl, but lost. made fun ipod valentine's day treats for the classes. Started doing Dave Ramsey FPU and couponing.
  3. March: Ashley learned how to do backhandspring and joey is doing a lot on his recorder..
  4. April: Ashley is now on a competitive cheer team and will compete in January 2012. We painted the kitchen cabinets and it turned out great!
  5. May: Joey played a little football clinic and liked it. Went to Mississippi for Jordan's graduation. It was fun and I won $300 at the casino! we did get to see the flooding of the mississippi river
  6. June: Went to Myrtle Beach with my cousin Jill and her son Cash...along with Robin and Frank. Fun times. Joey got his hair cut!!!!!!!! I found pinterst and started doing tons of projects.
  7. July: Joey started his first year of tackle football, his team is called the cowboys he did great and we were super proud of him. I redid the play room into the mom cave and as ashley calls it the zebra room. ashley turned 9.
  8. August: my computer hard drive crashed and I had nothing saved. ashley's bff moved away to CO!!
  9. September: i have official gained all the weight i lost back! it sucks!! i ordered a big lens since i lost all my photos when my computer crashed. i got a lot of fun photos of joey playing football.
  10. October: I turned 40..yuk, got the iPhone 4S and not too impressed with Siri. My digital rebel died. Ashley hurt her leg and can't do much with cheer now.
  11. November: thanksgiving at my house with my mom and dad and joe's mom and dad
  12. December: christmas was great, santa spoiled the kids, ashley is on the mend with her leg no more appts needed. joey is on his xbox non stop! our new flooring came in on the 30th!! we had visits from the klein's and jill and cash for the last week of december too!!