Saturday, March 03, 2012

Living Room is getting there!

Well we took our time doing the living room and it is turning out so nice but I still need some help in the finishing touches and making it cozy and usable. I need to get some lighting in the room and some tables. I have seen a few that I LOVE at Kirklands, but they are all $80 or more and just really look like simple thrift store finds, so I need to start looking at the stores again.

Here is the before of the room:

And now here is the after: using my mood board that I talked about here. The bench I got from Kirklands clashed with all the patterns going on from the rug and the pillows so I returned it. I am going to keep looking for something to put there, not sure what to get. I also need help with that BIG wall on the side of the couch! It is HUGE and I want something dramatic there. I am thinking I will add a table to the corner of the room so I may not be needing to do the whole wall, not sure. The couch is from Ashley's Furniture and the rug is from and I love it!! The pillows are too die for and from an etsy store called Pillow Link , she was so sweet and gave me a discount and she is from Lithuania!!

This is the hallway and the awesome print from World Market

Here is the room before the furniture arrived. Joe did a great job! As you can tell by looking at the mood board, I did not stray too much from what I wanted originally. I am very stubborn like that, if I want something a certain way then I am gonna make darn sure I get it like that! Any suggestions for the wall shoot them my way!!!

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Suzy said...

Gah! I love your rug! Your living room is coming together so nicely. On your large wall - what would you think about doing gallery of different size pieces of art - straight across the bottom of the grouping, but with the top kind of randomly following the line of the ceiling???? It's kind of hard for me to tell since I can't see your whole room, but that would seem to be something to help break up all of the straight lines. Just a thought. I'm sure that whatever you decide to do will be wonderful! Visiting your from You Are Talking Too Much.

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