Wednesday, February 27, 2013

contact paper frosted glass

Well where have I been for the entire year? Honestly I don't know...but probably on facebook and instragram and yeah Pinterest. A few wonderful blog gals do a challenge each season and I am so behind I figured why not share all of the ones I did the past few months for you to see.

The first was covering up the bathroom window with "clear" contact paper. You wouldn't think it would look frosted but it does and I love seeing it each day now. It came out so good.

Here are the links to my two inspirations: seventh house on the left  and making it feel like home

I traced and cut the stencils out while watching Nashville :) it was very easy to do. It was also so nice since the folks on Seven7h house on the left has a PDF to use of the design! Thank you so much!

Adding them to the window wasn't too hard once you got the hang of it. Then I found this great fabric at the store and HAD TO HAVE IT.  I made a little valence for the window and it turned out great!

 Now the window is complete! If you notice I also have my ikea things hung up from seeing this pin!

Shabby Creek Cottage

Thank you so much for having these challenges it makes me GET THINGS DONE!
To see more great pins and ideas go here! 

Megan from The Remodeled Life; Katie from Bower Power;
Sherry from Young House Love; Michelle from Decor & the Dog.


hlperry said...

Such a cute idea! I have an old window frame, I think it will look great on! Thanks for the idea!

missy s said...

It is great and if you don't like it, it comes off so easy! I have some bubbles you see in the day time, but they don't bother me at all. Super cheap and just takes time.