Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hanging Basket Light Fixture

Here I am with Part Two of my challenge. I am really glad that I do some of the things I pin, but I do have some major fails too. Like the sunburst mirror out of turned all moldy outside and fell apart so I had to toss it. Oh well...

Now for the fun one that worked! Making a light fixture out of two hanging baskets from Walmart! Here is the inspiration

The first is from Addicted 2 decorating and the second is from My Covered Bridge

I had the perfect old light I wanted to replace and did this in my small foyer. Here is a super duper before photo of the foyer. This was with the light fixture and my orange paint and stenciled magnolias on the wall..yes circa 1998.

Here is the fixture all taken apart. The fixture wasn't as big as the pinned ones so I was worried it wouldn't look okay but it did. 

We ended up using black zip ties to hold the two baskets together, the gap was too big with just the hooks. One main thing: PUT YOUR LIGHTS IN BEFORE YOU ZIP TIE IT :)

Here is the beauty in the "new" foyer with new pant another pinterest board and batten project and a new tile floor! 

For more fun projects check out the link up party on the blogs below! Thanks gals for the fun!

Megan from The Remodeled Life; Katie from Bower Power;
Sherry from Young House Love; Michelle from Decor & the Dog.


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Thanks for sharing! I like your post!

Jaime Burns said...

Hello :) I found your blog & I must say I LOVE all the projects you have done. I am in the process of using the Rustoleum kit in my newly purchased home, and I fell in LOVE with your redone kitchen. I did notice however that in the comments you mentioned the IKEA hardware wasn't holding up... do you mind telling me what issues you've had w/ the handles/pulls? I was just about to order them, all simply based on your blog post... because I LOVE the look of them, and then I read your comment... so now I'm curious, and I am not going to order them until I hopefully hear back from you :) Thank you- Jaime